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Water Softening

Water TreatmentAt Safe Water Technologies West in Spokane, WA, we provide water softening services for residential and commercial clients. If you suffer from hard water which leaves stains and tastes funny, we can install a water softening system resulting in crystal clear water that does not dry out your skin.

Physical Water Conditioning - (hanishwater.com)

The Hanish Water WaterCrest-10 is the first and only Whole House Physical Water Processing System that gives you high-quality drinking water and scale reduction at every tap in your home. It uses no electricity, no moving parts, no chemicals, no wasted water and NO SALT. You never have to lift and lug another bag of salt in your life. You get clean, safe, clear, healthy, great tasting water at every tap in your home. Call our experts today to learn more!

Problem Water Treatment - (swtwater.com)

Safe Water Technologies West serves the Greater Spokane and Coeur d'Alene areas with all types of water services and equipment. If your home uses well water, you may experience many issues including iron stains, odors, nitrates, and bacteria. Our experts have the knowledge and tools necessary to treat problem water with the latest in specialized equipment. Perhaps you need the Clearion 360 Iron removal system to remove iron. We also offer a membrane Ultrafiltration system that removes colloidal iron and pathogens by filtration for the whole house. No salt or chemicals are needed. Give us a call; we can help with those stubborn water problems!

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